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Almost a writer

I’ve not written a lot recently. Not much for the last ten years now I think about it. I’d slipped into a chronic grump and it had an impact on the quality and quantity of my work.

But the move South, the passage of time and new initiatives have conspired to de-grump me somewhat. I need to write again. I have deadlines. And there needs to be a day one.

In fact, I’ve been writing – stolen moments writing – for some time. But I need there to be a moment when I re-orientate and call myself a writer again. And today is the arbitrary day that I have chosen.

I’m a great believer that each writing project finds its own way of working: a short story written on beermats in a bar, a haiku written on the top deck of a bus or a round the world travel guide written in crayon on stolen Izal sheets in a prison cell. There’s no routine that suits every piece.

I’m trying to create pieces with vision, so I head for the sea front – let’s work under big skies with distant horizons.

My first stop is the Two Maggots cafe. I load up with an intravenous espresso and a packet of high tar Gauloises to help me feel writerly. Charged, I begin to write. I want a hard edge to this piece, so I consider chipping the words into blocks of flint. I may be taking these metaphors too far. The ballpoint and the yellow pad will have to do.

I write. I move to a new bench. I write again. A new cafe, another page. This rhythm continues for maybe three hours. By the end of this I have several A4 pages of stuff that didn’t exist yesterday. I’ve rewritten a couple of monologues from memory – they might end up on Khoross, they might not. I’ve written some throwaway junk – that doesn’t matter. Today was the day.

Of course the best bit is still to come. The reward is typing it all up. I’m glad it didn’t start on a screen though. Writing in the rough while on the move and in the world is a fantastic feeling.


khorossThere’s a new audio drama project called Khoross and I am part of it. We are aiming to record original short (30 seconds to 15 minutes) audio dramas and make them available free through our website, radio and smartphone apps. The recordings will use professional actors, have high production values and top quality sound design.

We’re not in a position to pay writers yet, but we can offer exposure and the writer will have a well-produced piece as a calling card.

I’m talking to writers as we try to build a list with a wide variety of voices and approaches to the audio form.

Might you be interested? If so do get in touch and ask for a copy of the submission guidelines. There’s an email link on the Khoross web site.

If you’ve not written for audio before (or even if you have) we have a set of background ambiences on SoundCloud that might inspire you. Choose one and write for it. Can you complete your drama in the time?

Khoross is also on Facebook and Twitter.