khorossThere’s a new audio drama project called Khoross and I am part of it. We are aiming to record original short (30 seconds to 15 minutes) audio dramas and make them available free through our website, radio and smartphone apps. The recordings will use professional actors, have high production values and top quality sound design.

We’re not in a position to pay writers yet, but we can offer exposure and the writer will have a well-produced piece as a calling card.

I’m talking to writers as we try to build a list with a wide variety of voices and approaches to the audio form.

Might you be interested? If so do get in touch and ask for a copy of the submission guidelines. There’s an email link on the Khoross web site.

If you’ve not written for audio before (or even if you have) we have a set of background ambiences on SoundCloud that might inspire you. Choose one and write for it. Can you complete your drama in the time?

Khoross is also on Facebook and Twitter.


About lancewoodman

Heritage interpreter, playwright and teacher. Living on the South Coast of England.

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